About Metro Drugs:Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Top Management Team

Joe Tawil

President and CEO

Joe grew up in New York City and has been working in pharmacy since he was sixteen years old. He is married with five children. Joe has been involved in the fertility specialty since 1991 and has a passion for helping hopeful parents build their families. As a father Joe values family life and wants to help others experience firsthand the joys of family. Joe leads Metro and our team in our dedication to being an integral part of that dream for our patients.

Mike Tawil

Vice President

Mike grew up in New York and has been learning the pharmacy business from his father since he was a kid. He studied at Yeshivah University and is the proud father to two children. Mike's love for family has made him passionate about fertility and the journey to parenthood.

Our Pharmacy Team

Vincenzo Ognibene

Assistant Director of Pharmacy

Vincenzo has been a pharmacy technician and an asset to Metro Drugs since 2001. He has over 20 years of fertility experience and has been in the drug store business since he was thirteen. Vincenzo’s patience and compassion for couples going through fertility is limitless. As a technician he enjoys the opportunity to work one on one with nurses, doctors and patients to achieve their dream of conceiving a child.

Jessica Teng, RPh

Supervising Pharmacist

Jessica is our Supervising Pharmacist, and has been licensed for over 19 years. She’s a graduate of Long Island University, and has dedicated her professional career to community pharmacy, helping to facilitate patient care, working closely with those patients and couples going through fertility treatments.

Jane Lee, RPh

Staff Pharmacist

Jane has been a Registered Pharmacist for more than 15 years, with a focus on Fertility Specialty Pharmacy. She’s married with 2 children of her own, and has a sincere passion to help others wishing to start their own families. Jane is always willing to go the extra mile while counseling our patients, to ensure they are comfortable with the entire process of administering the medication.

Deborah Lankin, PharmD, RPh, CMTM

Compounding Lab Supervisor/Clinical Pharmacist

Deborah joins our team with 10 years of experience in fertility protocols, sterile compounding and expertise in patient care. She holds a double PharmD degree from France and Long Island University. Deborah is also a current medical writer and educator at FreeCE.com on topics of infertility, compounding and USP 795-797 and 800. Her passion for pharmacy started at a very young age and she is always looking to advance her skills and expertise to benefit as many patients as possible. Her approach is to provide individualized care, by working closely with physicians and patient needs.

Our Support Team

Claudia Yanka

Third Party & Donor Egg Coordinator

Third Party & Donor Coordinator: Claudia has over 15 years of experience with Metro Drugs and is the contact person for insurance questions and needs. She will work with your nurse and your insurance company to provide screening and prior authorizations as needed. She also works closely with surrogates and donors while maintaining anonymity and recipient confidentiality following HIPAA compliance. When anyone from team Metro is out in the field they consistently hear praises from nurses and patients about Claudia. She understands how difficult and frustrating the fertility process can be and is there for the patient to make the process easier.