Third Party Reproduction


Third Party Reproduction

Metro Drugs Egg Donor/Surrogacy Services

A Trusted Source

The decision to use an egg donor is a private and often sensitive manner. Metro Drugs has established an Egg Donor/Surrogacy Program that respects our patients need for privacy and allows access to the highest quality expert care. We ensure complete anonymity and privacy for the recipient, donor and/or surrogate.



Dedicated Staff

Our Patient Services Representatives and Fertility Staff work together to make the process seamless for both the doctors and patients. They will process the prescription order, handle all billing transactions and will provide communication between the medical office, patient and donor. We provide a 24 hour helpline staffed by experienced fertility nurses to answer any questions that may arise. Orders may be sent by fax, phone or electronically. For further questions, please contact Claudia Yanka, email

For phone orders please call: 888.258.0106 
By fax: 888.258.4242. 
Patient Helpline: 888.475.2388.



Partnering with Doctors and Patients to Meet Their Needs

Our service is exemplary with a program that is customized to your office’s needs, including customized order forms and specialized packaging for your medications. We understand that timing plays an important role in this process and our orders are completed and delivered when you need them, where you need them. We ensure privacy when shipping medications. All orders are filled and reviewed by our experienced fertility pharmacists and staff.



Competitive Pricing

Metro Drugs understands the high costs of medications associated with infertility. Our pricing is competitive with other fertility pharmacies. We offer many options for payment as well.