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Because fertility treatment requires a unique combination of specialized medications for each patient, finding the best price for your out-of-pocket costs can be an exhausting task.

Metro Drugs will ask you a few questions about the fertility medications your physician has recommended so we can give you the best possible savings. Please fill out the form below and one of our specialists will contact you at your convenience and get you started on your successful journey to parenthood.

arrowWe have access to special discounts on much of the medication that may deliver significant savings ranging from 5 to 75% off depending on your income level.

arrowLet us verify your insurance coverage for you. Although you may think you don’t have any coverage you may be covered for some of the medication.

arrowIf your insurance company says to use their mail order pharmacy you should be very cautious. If you have a “cap” on your fertility coverage, often times they will use up your coverage by charging full price on medication which, in effect, reduces your benefits. These charges can be twice what we charge you.

arrowWe give you the best possible price on your medication, we guarantee it.


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Please provide a complete listing of all medications and supplies that you will need by checking off from the list below and adding any other in the text box provided at the bottom. This will allow us to be able to provide better pricing for the entire package.